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Are you looking for quality leads? Soon, a quality prospect that can turn into a sale could be at your fingertips. Apex leverages proven methods to find the best leads for your agency. Now, you can find more leads in less time while also increasing your reputation with prospective customers. From in-person to digital marketing lead generation, we work with you to find the right fit.

Give your businesses an edge in today’s marketplace with quality leads and lead generation ideas. Apex provides you with quality leads that result in more closings, higher close ratios, and improved customer loyalty. Get the tools you need to sell more, stay ahead of the competition, and enjoy the daily rewards of working in insurance.

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Better Leads, Better Results edge

More Leads. More Business.

Access to high-quality leads, including the best unconventional options, is closer than you think. Apex Insurance Group helps you grow your business through lead generation strategies based on emerging industry trends and best practices.

By working together, we help you address market changes head-on and look at opportunities from the point of commercial advantage. Sign up with Apex today and get more leads and higher profits in less time.

Better Leads, Better Results

Finding leads is complex, and many companies promise opportunities without delivering. In trying to find new leads for their business. As a result, up to 90% of insurance agents quit after the first year. In contrast, at Apex Insurance Group, you only receive high-value prospects.

The latest statistics show 9% growth in the insurance agent and broker market year-over-year, creating a competitive landscape for agents. From insurance leads from homeowner associations to Business-to-Business (B2B) leads, Apex Insurance Group has what it takes to ensure you are getting top-quality leads through direct mail, email, and other innovative media, directly from the source.

Get access to multiple lead sources, including traditional and high-tech lead generation methods. Achieve your sales goals with expertise that estimates every lead’s quality and profit potential. Apex is constantly searching for new outlets for the best leads so you can succeed with your business.

Lead Program Details

At Apex Insurance Group, we let you choose how to grow. Get premium management tools, opt-in email leads, website leads, and offline lead opportunities to build your business at your pace. With a dozen lead programs and an award-winning team, we help you find the best leads.

Our lead programs include:

  1. Social media – Turnkey package for LinkedIn or Facebook
  2. Co-op social media – Target $1 million life insurance customers
  3. Mortgage protection – Mailer program targeting homeowners
  4. Final expense – Direct mail program for all Zip Codes
  5. Email marketing – Email marketing program
  6. Targeted web leads – Select a ZIP code to target leads online
  7. Live transfer – Real-time, 100% exclusive Double Verified Live Transfers
  8. Orphan leads – No cost for active agents (minimum production required)
  9. Business owner leads – Use the ERISApedia.com tool
  10. Annuity leads – Telemarketed or annuity mailed leads program
  11. Multiple 3rd party lead options

Alternatively, you can search for specific demographics that match your ideal lead. Some search criteria include:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Marital status
  • Income
  • Ethnicity
  • Housing status (Own, rent, new buyer)
  • Children

Invest in the system that will bring people in and keep them returning. Hassle-free, personalized service is our number one goal. That is why, at Apex Insurance Group, you can count on expert, first-class service and quick response times.

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