At Apex Insurance Group, we work to provide our members with all the tools they need to run a successful insurance business with ease. Whether you’re a member of a highly profitable agency or an independent agent who is just getting started, there are many resources available to help you improve your efficiency and drive more sales. Learn more about our insurance agent sales tools below, and register with us to put them to work for your business today.


Real-time, 100% exclusive Double Verified Live Transfers.

Final Expense Premium Leads

  • Real-Time – Prospects Ready to Talk to You Now!
  • 100% Exclusive
  • Double Verified
  • Fast Delivery
  • Script and Training Provided

Cost $25.00 each \ 15 minimum

  • 15 – $375
  • 20 – $500
  • 30 – $750
Annuity Sales Leads for Insurance Agents!
  • NO minimum order, NO set up fees or contracts.
  • You strictly “pay per lead”.
  • Lead list price is $45.
  • Leads are delivered to your account and sent via text message.
  • All leads are screened for quality contact information.
Direct Mail Program $460/1,000 Mailers
Complete Program- Includes list, printing, mail handling and all postage.
-start receiving responses in approximately 2 weeks!
Response- Delivered through “Lead Tracker, which allows you to:
  • View or print leads
  • Track responses
  • Maintain client notes
  • Use calendar/search functions
  • Map responders/non-responders.

NOTE :  2 1/2% average response

Several top rated carriers provide our agents exclusive access to orphan policyholder leads!

  • No Cost to Active Levinson Agents
  • New orphan leads available on a monthly basis
  • Complete policy holder information available
  • Leads are exclusive to each agent
  • Leads are available for agents who have met the current placed premium threshold of $10,000 in the last 12 months

Mortgage Mailer Response

These are homeowners who have responded to a mortgage life mailer and requested to be contacted. These are second chance leads that have never been sold to any Agent. 50% of the homeowners have been contacted but no one has followed up. All Leads 3 months to 9 months old.

Lead Pricing:
1-50= leads $8/lead -includes call list and scanned image of actual return card (no minimum order requirement)
NOTE: Bulk Pricing 51+= $6/lead includes call list and scanned image of actual return card (51+ minimum order required)

1-49=$3 per lead for leads aged from 3 to 8 years old. The lead includes call list and scanned image of the actual return card

Direct Mail Mortgage Data Card

  • 1,000 mail drop in your selected counties.
  • All lead returns sent directly to you
  • 100% Exclusive
  • Creates a steady stream of leads
  • Discount Pricing $500/1,000 mailers

Real-time, 100% exclusive Double Verified Leads, and Live Transfers!

Final Expense Premium Leads

  • Real-Time – Prospects Ready to Talk to You Now!
  • 100% Exclusive
  • Double Verified
  • Fast Delivery
  • Training Provided
  • Every Lead Accompanied by a Recording of the Call
  • 20% sales guarantee included!

Callback Orders (State wide/Nationwide) $12.00 per lead

  • Minimum 15 leads
  • 15 leads : $180
  • 20 leads : $240

Final Expense Live Transfers $25.00 per lead

  • Minimum 15 leads
  • 15 leads : $375
  • 20 leads : $500

Term Life Call back leads $17.00 per lead

  • Minimum 15 leads
  • 15 leads : $255
  • 20 leads : $340
  • 30 leads : $510


Final Expense Direct Mailer

  • $495/1,000 mailers
  • All Zip codes are available.
  • You Select your lead ages, gender, income level, and zip code.
  • 4-day turnaround from order to mail.
  • Leads are delivered via paper, return mail, and electronically.
  • Leads are exclusive and never re-used.
  • Contact our office to learn more.

Price is after a co/op with our final expense e-platform. (Prices are subject to change.)


Here is the Apex Insurance Group approach. I highly customizable mailing approach. Specific items searchable to isolate the perfect target prospect include:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Marital status
  • Income
  • Ethnicity
  • Housing status (Own, rent, new buyer)
  • Children
  • and more

This approach allows the agent to mail either a postcard or a card which can be customized specifically to the prospect.

NOTE: This is a subscription based platform.

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