The nuts and bolts

Do you have a hard time competing in today’s insurance industry? Are you looking for a better way to optimize your agency’s efficiency and effectiveness? Our goal is to make sure you succeed! Independent agents at Apex Insurance have access to over 90 carriers and can choose from 300 products that best meet consumers’ needs. As an independent agent, you have the flexibility to run your business your way.

Independent agents need resources that give them the freedom and flexibility to succeed in their way. It is time for something different. With Apex Insurance Group, you have the support, tools, and guidance you need to succeed on your terms. We offer tools that can help you thrive as an independent agent. That is absolute freedom.

Tools for agents

Realize Your Dreams

Your agency. Your way.

Realize your dreams of becoming an independent agent with a company dedicated to helping you succeed. Apex Insurance Group provides independent insurance agents with the training and technology necessary to get ahead of their competitors. Agents also benefit from excellent customer service. Many Apex agents have significantly reduced their employee count due to increased productivity through our online support systems.

Stand Out

At Apex Insurance Group, we understand the remarkable potential of being an independent insurance agent. In the world of insurance, independent agents lead in annuity sales, accounting for 19% of the total. Yet, with the insurance sector experiencing a substantial annual job growth of 5.49%, the competition is fiercer than ever. Amongst the 36,000 independent insurance agents in the U.S., standing out is key.

Many independent agents aspire to shape their businesses according to their vision but often struggle with the know-how. Apex Insurance Group is here to assist. We alleviate the burden of administrative tasks, allowing you to focus more on client service. Our suite of tools is designed to streamline your operations. Beyond tools, we provide education on enhancing productivity through tried-and-tested methods and offer comprehensive online training to expand your knowledge base.

Apex Insurance Group stands for opportunity and autonomy. We are committed to empowering independent agents with a range of resources — from insightful tips and innovative tools to diverse products and supportive programs. Our aim is to guide you in every aspect of your business journey, whether it’s policy issuance, risk management, or expanding your client portfolio. Partner with us to navigate your path to success in the dynamic world of insurance.”

Independent Agent Details

Apex is an independently owned and operated agency helping independent agents succeed. Agents and brokers often waste valuable time and money on ineffective marketing tactics. But with our multi-product agency program, growth tools, and training, you can focus more on closing sales while we handle the rest.

Becoming an independent agent with Apex means:

  • You own your business
  • You get to work with dozens of carriers
  • You are part of a cutting-edge agency
  • Access to our full-service support system
  • Superior training programs
  • No required meetings
  • No required calling sessions

Our culture of independence, creativity, and innovation means that you have complete freedom over what insurance you sell, how you sell it, who you sell it to, when you sell it, and where. We are committed to helping independent agents get new clients, secure preferred rates, and access resources to grow business.

At Apex Insurance Group, we understand that your success is our success. We are independently owned and operated, so our success depends on yours. As a result, we have access to the same great products without limitations on who can sell them. We learn about your business model and offer the tools, resources, and support that are right for you.