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Licensed Agents – Whether you’re looking for a new market or are satisfied in your current market and just looking for some new products and a place to exchange ideas, we can help.

Second Career Opportunities – Getting ready to retire or leave your current occupation? Maybe looking for a second income? Becoming a licensed Life Insurance Agent might just be the way to go. We can show you how to become licensed, and once that’s completed, we will assist you in establishing yourself in your community. You also have world-class office support and the newest technology to help you on your way. All this and no sales quotas. With Apex, a part-time agent who submits one application a quarter is just as important to us as an agent who submits ten a week. See what we can offer you in starting your new career.

Important Contacting Information

To help serve you better in the contracting phase, please have the following information available. For 95% of the carriers offered, this is a one-time process for you. Once in the system you can contract at will with most carriers without needing to fill anything else out. Nice right?
  • Life Insurance license information
  • Driver’s license information
  • Direct deposit banking information
  • E&O policy information

NOTE: You will be asked a series of questions regarding your personal and address information, previous address, business/corporate information, employment history, legal history, direct deposit information and carrier specific questions and affiliations.

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