Our world, and more importantly, our industry is changing. The world is becoming smaller and the pace is much faster than it was ten years ago. The old ways of doing business in a suit and tie over cocktails has been replaced by the faceless phone/internet sales person dressed in who knows what. The point is that we need to stay ahead of the curve to stay relevant.

The insurance industry went from working for one company and offering only their products, regardless of it being in the client’s best interest or not, to online sales offering multitudes of products. The only problem is that they lose that personal touch, while more often than not still providing the wrong product for the client.

With over 38 years of combined life insurance experience, we have had the pleasure of working with and developing relationships with some of the nation’s premier IMO’s and industry leaders. With most of this time spent in two markets, the federal and military, we noticed that agents and agency’s developed tunnel vision and avoided sub-markets. They are leaving money on the table, and potential clients are looking for someone else to tend to their needs.

When the idea of Apex Insurance Group started to come about, we wanted to address those issues and see what we could do to create a workplace where like-minded professionals could come together and exchange ideas without worrying about competition. We make it possible to share the cost of technology and remain on the cutting edge of an ever-changing market place.

Give us a call, and lets see if we can help each other grow.

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We are more than just an Agency. We are your partner. Apex Insurance Group not only provides insurance products, but markets to grow into also. Let us fulfill our vision in you.


We’re here to help you become the professional insurance producer you were destined to become. We want to help you use the tools, training, people, and product to the maximum extent.

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