Our goal is to help you become more than a 'street level' agent, but to be a heavy hitter!

This market will last forever.
10,000 retirees a year need help.
EVERYONE HAS A FAMILY At airports and the boarders.
All walks of life. Show them what they have and need.
POSTAL EMPLOYEES ARE EVERYWHERE Software - Leads - Training This is a career for the right person – is it you?


Business in a Box

Business is a Box, is a great way to create a professional on-line presence. Elegant and affordable only from Apex Insurance Group.

  • Professional public website
  • Online, hands off selling platform
  • Professional email
  • Back office desktop
  • Customizable
  • Self-managed
  • Your blog and identify

Built with the agent in mind, yet superb for customer use. Agents earn while driving prospects to the site for self-enrollment.


Federal & Postal

There are plenty of reasons why the federal\Postal Service market is a grand opportunity. Here are just a few:

  • Working with the largest group plan in the country
  • Over 2,000,000 employees to assist
  • Group Life policies that out price themselves
  • Set up payroll deductions on life products
  • Become the go to person in your area
  • Work your own schedule
  • Remote and virtual sales possibilities
  • Federal and Postal benefits training
  • Professional Designation upon completion
  • Free leads

Final Expense

The final expense market is huge and continues to go with the baby boomer generation coming of age. Pays well and fast. Consider these points for working this market:

  • Generous 1st Year Commissions
  • Pairs well with Medicare Market
  • Leads to cross selling opportunities
  • Simplified Issue – No Exams
  • Fills a recognized need
  • One Call Close
  • Great Phone Sales Product
  • Quick Issue - Fast Pay
  • Quality leads and Software
  • Work on your time and schedule


11 Reasons to Sell Medicare Advantage with Apex Insurance Group:

  • About 10,000 people a day enroll in Medicare
  • Agents Paid Directly From Insurance Company
  • Some Products Pay Lifetime Commissions
  • Independent not Captive – Your Book of Business
  • We Earn Your Loyalty
  • You Are Vested From Day One
  • Top Agent Level Commissions
  • Leads – Website – Virtual Sales Platform
  • Back Office Support and Training
    Quoting and enrollment platform (CRM)
    Provider Look Up and RX Look Up Tools


  • Wednesday, January, 13th, 2pm cst - In your insurance practice are you a gnat or a firefly? Don’t know what I mean? Do you want to know? We’ll answer these questions and give a few quality ideas to help you stay or become an asset to your clients, prospects, and community.
  • Wednesday, January, 6th, 2pm cst - Okay, so you made it through the year! It might have sucked, get over it. Apex Insurance Group looks at life from a different perspective.
    Imagine if you never entered the insurance industry. Think of the possibility if working in retail, OH MY!

    As the ole church song goes, “Count your many blessings, count them one-by-one”

    Let’s look at 2020 in a new way and maybe you will choose to make 2021 amazing.
  • Wednesday, December 30th, 2pm cst - Apex Insurance Group looks at some marketing and sales ideas which have worked for individual agents. These might just work for you! Are your ideas NOT WORKING? Well maybe new ideas and options are needed.

    Here is an old Cowboy proverb, if you are riding a dead horse, get off.
  • Wednesday, December 23nd, 2pm cst - Like a Christmas present you will have to attend to find out about what we are going to talk about. This is a truly important webinar, don't miss it!
  • Wednesday, December 16th, 2pm cst - As an agent have you ever thought that you were travelling in circles. Have you said, "Here I go again." Let's take a look, and see if we can help you travel in a straight line.
  • Wednesday, December 9th, 2pm cst - Apex Insurance Group offers the Business in a Box. The website apex-4u.com is making agents money, are you making money?

    Start 2021 better than 2020 finished!
  • Wednesday, December 2nd, 2pm cst - Today insurance agents need to have access to a variety of products, services, ideas, and concepts. No longer is there a life insurance agent, auto agent, retirement planner, and health insurance agent. Apex Insurance Group looks at the concept of selling across multiple fields.
  • Although NOT a webinar, Apex Insurance Group offers The Basic Agent channel on YouTube to help agents navigate the often confusing insurance business. Click and 'Subscribe', you will be glad you did.


The Apex Insurance Group weekly webinars are now uploaded to our YouTube channel. Just click the 'button' and select the video.

Business In A Box

Replacing the brick and mortar store front of yesterday with a virtual online presence with websites to direct new and existing clients giving you professional visibility as well as a professional email, your new address. Along with replacing the paper ads of old with multimedia advertising, filing cabinets and rolodexes with our Virtual Office Suite (VOS) system. Give us a call and let people know your open for business.

Federal & Postal Service

We have a combined 40 years of experience in this very gratifying market. You have the opportunity to sit down with employees who need your guidance in understanding their benefits. Once you have completed your training our software will walk you through the sales process.

Final Expense

Both the Final Expense and Medicare markets have one glaring asset in common. Size. The most recent statistic on aging in American has the population hitting age 65 at a rate of 10,000 per day. This trend is expected to continue over the next few decades.


To build a genuine book of business and be successful in the Insurance industry you need a strong basis for residual income. After a few years in the Medicare market we can help you build a six-figure residual income salary that allows you the freedom to sell other products if you choose. Our tools, coaching and training will help you achieve your financial goals.

The Agent's Edge

Every client’s needs are different, and every agent needs an edge. With Apex Insurance Group, you get just the edge you need. With over 85 carriers and 250 Life products, you can be confident that you have the best product for your client’s needs.

With access to back-office support on case management, cutting-edge agent tools, and powerful marketing programs, you can focus on writing business while we take care of business. Explore the tools and resources that can take your business to the next level:

A Little About Us

Learn what makes us one of the most trusted and respected insurance field marketing organizations in business.


We provide access to over 250 life and annuity products from over 85 carriers, including LTC, Disability, Critical Illness, Final Expense, Med, Non-Med and ROP.


We make contracting easy. Our streamlined contracting platform will process your information and pair you with the appropriate carriers. Our back-office staff will follow up on all needed paperwork.


We offer a complete suite of agent/agency tools such as Website Builder, Lead Programs, Mobile App, Online Licensing and Appointments, I-Genius Platform, Agency Automator, CRM and so much more.


With 40+ years of combined experience, our support partners are here to assist you throughout the process—whether you’re a part-time agent or a million-dollar agency.