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Federal & Postal Service

Federal and Postal benefits training

  • Work with the largest group in the country


Final Expense

Huge market working with aging generations.

  • Cross-selling opportunities
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Nearly 11,000 nationwide become eligible.

  • Some products pay lifetime commissions
  • Fast past

A little about us

Learn what makes us one of the most trusted and respected insurance field marketing organizations in business.


We provide access to over 250 life and annuity products from over 85 carriers, including LTC, Disability, Critical Illness, Final Expense, Med, Non-Med and ROP.


We make contracting easy. Our streamlined contracting platform will process your information and pair you with the appropriate carriers. Our back-office staff will follow up on all needed paperwork.


We offer a complete suite of agent/agency tools such as Website Builder, Lead Programs, Mobile App, Online Licensing and Appointments, I-Genius Platform, Agency Automator, CRM and so much more.


With 40+ years of combined experience, our support partners are here to assist you throughout the process—whether you’re a part-time agent or a million-dollar agency.

Upcoming webcasts

  • Wednesday, September 8th, 2pm cst - Apex insurance group takes a dive into the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP has been around for years. If used properly it will greatly improve the closing ratio for the insurance agent. If you don't know what you're missing, then you don't know how to profit from it. We will see you there.
  • Wednesday, September 1st, 2pm cst - It seems like the time to provide an update on what is happening at Apex Insurance Group. Never could the growth been imagined when it all started. Apex Insurance Group has grown into a multi-faceted professional FMO. We don't want you to miss what we have to offer, it may cost you. Check it out, check us out!
  • Wednesday, August 25st, 2pm cst - Today more than ever it is so very important to multiple your ability to ear an income. You can do it by getting a 2d job. Have a spouse go to work or get a 2d job too!

    Why not a passive income. It ain't easy but neither is a 2d job!
  • Wednesday, August 18th, 2pm cst - Medicare is complex and often frustrating at best. Determination is key to agent success. Apex Insurance Group and our team can simplify the complex world of Medicare into valuable solutions to improve individuals lives. Our partners , our ground-breaking, proprietary platform takes over and analyzes the thousands of data points that make Medicare recommendations unique.

    It all starts with getting started.
  • Wednesday, August 11th, 2pm cst - Useful and thought provoking information useful for building your professional insurance practice.

    Ron helps, the agent, in areas such as lead development, prospecting, presentations, closing, client maintenance, and so much more.

    Be the producer you dreamed you could be!
  • Wednesday, August 4th, 2pm cst - NOTE: This is a previously recorded webcast. You can watch this on our YouTube Channel.

    Legacy Safeguard has a comprehensive network of services that are able to provide complete end of life planning to ensure the family will be taken care of in their time of need and to help the deceased be remembered long after they are gone.
  • Although NOT a webinar, Apex Insurance Group offers The Basic Agent channel on YouTube to help agents navigate the often confusing insurance business. Click and 'Subscribe', you will be glad you did.

Business In A Box

Replacing the brick and mortar store front of yesterday with a virtual online presence with websites to direct new and existing clients giving you professional visibility as well as a professional email, your new address. Along with replacing the paper ads of old with multimedia advertising, filing cabinets and rolodexes with our Virtual Office Suite (VOS) system. Give us a call and let people know your open for business.

Federal & Postal Service

We have a combined 40 years of experience in this very gratifying market. You have the opportunity to sit down with employees who need your guidance in understanding their benefits. Once you have completed your training our software will walk you through the sales process.

Final Expense

Both the Final Expense and Medicare markets have one glaring asset in common. Size. The most recent statistic on aging in American has the population hitting age 65 at a rate of 10,000 per day. This trend is expected to continue over the next few decades.


To build a genuine book of business and be successful in the Insurance industry you need a strong basis for residual income. After a few years in the Medicare market we can help you build a six-figure residual income salary that allows you the freedom to sell other products if you choose. Our tools, coaching and training will help you achieve your financial goals.

The Agent's Edge

Every client’s needs are different, and every agent needs an edge. With Apex Insurance Group, you get just the edge you need. With over 85 carriers and 250 Life products, you can be confident that you have the best product for your client’s needs.

With access to back-office support on case management, cutting-edge agent tools, and powerful marketing programs, you can focus on writing business while we take care of business. Explore the tools and resources that can take your business to the next level: