At Apex Insurance Group, we are your dedicated partners, working closely with you to help ensure you can get the most of your insurance business. In addition to a robust set of Agent Tools and Marketing Resources, we provide a range of services to help you optimize your processes and get better results. Learn more below, and register with us to start taking advantage of these services today.

Business Support

From submission to commission, Apex is your dedicated partner. We offer the following business support services:

  • New Business Processing, Policy Scrubbing
  • Para-Med ordered on request
  • Coordination with carrier and underwriting on average every three days
  • Process policy approval and delivery requirements

Explore our Agent Tools for more helpful resources.

Marketing Support

We can help you get in front of new clients and re-engage with existing clients. Here are some of the top marketing services we provide:

  • Pre-Sale Support
  • Underwriting Pre-Screen
  • Quote Request/Illustrations
  • Case Design
  • Product Support
  • Platform Training

Explore our full list of Marketing Resources for more information.

Product & Carrier Training

We provide weekly training webinars hosted by some of the top IMO’s and carriers to help you stay up to date on the latest products. We also provide on demand market training and host agent roundtables, where you can talk through topics of interest to you.

Agent Trips & Incentives

Work hard, play hard. Stay current on the incentives and trips offered by all carriers—all in one place.

Online Licensing & Appointments

Hoping to start business in a new market or with a new carrier? With our online licensing and appointments service, you can set up your profile one time and be set for almost any company.

Videos On Demand

From sales training videos to agent commercials, promotions, and more, there’s nothing like a great video to create engagement. Note that this service is still in development and will be available soon.

Agent Forum

Access a forum for like-minded agents to discuss trends, issues and new products. This is an area for open reviews of webinars on training and products. It is strictly agent-driven, with Apex support and monitoring. Request topics of interest, and we will pass it along to other agents so a time and place will be set up for all with interest to attend.

Webinar Market Placement Recap

Many of the relationships we have established at Apex are with like-minded companies that are constantly training and presenting new products and companies through webinars. Our webinar recaps feature training webinars for these vendors (if allowed), which will have a shortened version as well as a link to the complete recording. In addition, we will have a recap webinar going over ideas on how these products and techniques fit into specific markets.

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