Importance of Manners and Etiquettes in Business Dealings

Once in a while, polish your code of conduct in business dealings as they represent you and your mannerisms.


If you are new to the field of sales, then you should brush up on your mannerisms of business dealings because you do not want to leave a bad impression on your customers.


With time, as sales culture keeps changing, it is obvious that some of the old rules are ageless and still apply.


We have listed down some of the rules that you should follow:


Be Mindful of the Customer


Using their first name


When communicating with your customers, be mindful of whether or not you can use their first name to communicate with them. If your client belongs to a different culture and is more qualified or older than you, they may not be comfortable with you using their first name.


Also, if you do not know how to pronounce a person’s name, you can politely ask them to let you know. Mispronunciations can cause your customers to be offended and dislike you.


Be Respectful


As soon as you are in the working space of another person, make sure to wait for them to sit down/stand up before you do.


If you are visiting their office during rainy or unpleasant weather, hang your coat and put your boots away before entering their office room.


Do not use their table space without their permission; ask them first before putting any of your belongings on their desk.


Value Their Time


Be punctual in your meetings and let them know if the time for the meeting can exceed as compared to the allotted time.


When you take up your customer’s time, be mindful of making it worth their while and not wasting any of it. A person’s time is very valuable in the corporate world, so respect it.


Be Civil


Display respect towards every member of the office, despite their position. Whether someone is the janitor or the CEO, show respect to everyone.


Switch off your cell phone before any meetings, and do not use your phone in front of your clients. It leaves a poor impression on the customer and makes you come off as rude and irresponsible. If the call is urgent and you need to attend to it, move to a more secluded area.


If you end up talking on the phone, keep your volume and tone soft to avoid creating any disturbances.


Avoid discussing the details of a sales call when you are around the customer or in their working space. You never know who may hear you and what they might make out of it.


The tips mentioned above include the basics of conducting business dealings and etiquette. So follow these to leave a lasting impression on your customers and increase your business prospects.

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