How to Transform Rejections Into Success

The best insurance agents understand that rejection is a part of the job and that a “no” is often followed by a “yes” later on. After being told no, good insurance agents do not waste leads. They devise a long-term strategy to win over that client. Here’s more information on how insurance agents deal with rejection:

  1. They do not take rejection personally. Nothing about selling insurance is personal, so don’t let a bad rejection ruin your day or prevent you from calling another lead right away.
  2. They do not consider rejection a failure. The truth may be that your customer needs a discount because the price is too high or a reminder when their subscription is up for renewal. Whatever the reason they chose not to purchase, you cannot make your next call while still feeling inadequate.
  3. They learn from rejection. In some cases, they even enquire as to the reason for the potential customer’s disinterest. Regardless of the approach you take, it’s a good idea to ascertain the cause of your rejections in order to change the course of events. A productive discussion with a lead account manager may involve adjusting filters to prevent receiving the same group of customers who say no.

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