How to Gain a Winning Edge With Stories: A Salesperson’s Trick

Use Stories to Win Business: Salesperson’s Getaway

Stories are a key ingredient in human-to-human interactions. It is the way that we communicate with one another, and it is what makes people emotionally invested and more likely to buy from you.

How and Why to Consider Storytelling as a Salesperson

Why Consider Storytelling

Power to Influence

Stories have the power to inspire people and sell products because they effectively apply consumer insights while still maintaining an emotional connection with consumers.

A study claims that people are more likely to purchase products with stories attached to them, supporting the theory that certain narratives drive sales.

The power of stories is that they take people on a journey where they feel something, experience something, and then make a decision.

Easy to Remember

From the ancient legends of King Arthur to modern movies like Star Wars, stories play an important role in shaping how we view our world and ourselves. This is why salespeople need to learn how to tell a compelling story that resonates with the customer.

A good story can make a difference in your business and it must be told well if you want to convert prospects into customers. Your customer might not remember every detail about your product but they will remember the story you told them about it.

Why Integrate Stories Into Your Sales Process?

Storytelling has always been an effective sales tactic.

The way you talk about your product is no longer just about how it works or how it benefits the customer. Now, you have to explain why it’s special, why people need it, what sets it apart from the competition on a personal level.

Stories can do this for you by using specific characters who share their own experiences with what they’re trying to sell. Personal anecdotes are proven favorites as these stories can be almost impossible not to relate with on some level.

Stories Provide Credibility

Great marketers not just sell but also sell with their voice. The key to a successful brand story is that it takes an authentic, personal and in-depth approach to the person telling it.

When you’re told about your new product or service through a story, you can feel like you’re getting a personal experience from the creator of said product or service. Having that connection between the listener and creator allows for a sense of authenticity and trust which can help increase conversion rates and lead to more sales. Simply put, stories are great for selling products because they give you credibility in what you’re trying to sell.

Stories Help you Connect

Stories help you connect with your customers by being relatable and they offer an opportunity for your audience members to develop relationships with the brand.

Stories help you connect with your customers and share experiences with consumers on an emotional level. A well-crafted story that gives real value to both company and customer will help companies sustain for a longer period.

Stories and how they help you Stand Out

Salespersons want their customers – whether new or existing – to believe in them. Stories help them achieve this goal by creating trust with their audience through personal narratives that appeal directly to human emotion.

There are 3 main benefits of using stories in selling – it stimulates reaction from the prospect, it increases self-awareness, and finally, it makes salespeople feel confident about their skills as convincing storytellers.

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