How Sales Team Can Effectively Use Cold Texts

How Sales Teams Can Effectively Use Cold Texts

Cold texting is a spiritual brother of cold calling. It’s a text sent by An agent trying to convert a potential lead into a customer. While you might be tempted to include cold texting in your sales process, there’re a lot of factors to consider beforehand. These factors include the legality of cold texting as well as the perfect script to follow for maximum success.


Is Cold Texting Legal?

The legality of cold text depends on where you are and, most importantly, how you got the customer/prospect’s number. United States regulations especially require the consent of the consumers before entities can send them a chain of cold texts.


How Can you legally send cold texts to leads?

For most places, getting the permission of the customer to use their phone number is enough to make cold texts legal. You need to come up with scenarios and contact the customer where they can acquire their consent. Here’s what you can do


Use Your Website

Many prospects will visit your website to look through your profile. They might contact you before leaving, but you can use cold texts to convert these leads into actual customers. Add an SMS opt-in, and you’ll be good to go.


You can utilize a chatbot to collect the visitor’s number and other relevant information, or you can use inbound forms to gather each inbound lead’s preferred communication method.


Clearly State Your Business Number

Prospect leads would be encouraged to reach out to you through SMS if the number is visible. You can add it to the appropriate locations, such as your LinkedIn profile, Email, and business page.

Set Up a Texting Short Code

Short codes are an efficient way for your prospects to reach out to the company and automatically opt-in to receive messages.


Short codes can be included anywhere visible for customers to use. The best strategy is to encourage short codes as an alternative to your existing support service. Moreover, you can include a short code as a resource for the customer to utilize during delivery. Even promoting your brand on social media can be made more effective with the inclusion of a short code in the caption.


Why Should You Use Templates for Cold Text Messages?

Deciding what to include in your cold text is difficult. If the text is too long, it can be bothersome for your customer to read. Too short, and you won’t be able to convey enough information. That’s why you can utilize different cold text templates available online. Templates such as

  • The cold texting double opt-in
  • The standard LinkedIn contact format
  • The qualifying text messages
  • And more!


Tips to Improve Success Rates of Cold Texts

Using tips and tricks can help improve the success rate of your cold texts. Your message needs to be relevant and must include valuable information. If an introduction is necessary, make it short and sweet. Finally, use cold texts to follow up on a potential customer.


Final Thoughts

While there are many benefits of cold texting, utilizing it far too often can lead to trouble. Only use cold texts for your existing prospects and engage with customers thoughtfully.

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