Here’s What You Should Know About the Best Days and Times to Cold Call

Here’s What You Should Know About the Best Days and Times to Cold Call

There are a lot of factors that can influence the success rates of your cold calls. Considering the time of day to call is just one of them. Here is everything you need to know about when to cold call your potential customers.

The Best Times to Cold Call

A significant study launched by shows that cold callers receive the most engagement between 4 to 5 pm. The second slot goes from 3 to 4 pm. That is closely followed by the slot of 5 to 6 pm.

A similar study by was conducted recently gave different results. Back then, the best time to cold call was around 10 to 11 am in the late mornings. A similar study PhoneBurner conducted in 2022 further supports this time slot.

These findings are limited. Not only can these timings change, but conducted a study with SaaS organizations. Therefore, making the mentioned statistics only relevant to a specific segment of the overall target market.

Depending on your audience, the best time to call is to judge when they will be the least busy. Making cold calls during the late afternoon, for example, is nothing but a wasted effort as most people are wrapping up their day. Avoid calling during lunch breaks and outside working hours.

Is Morning the Best Time to Call?

It is clear from the research conducted that the best time to make cold calls is late mornings. Most business prospective clients are usually done with their meetings and are nearing the end of their morning tasks.

However, these are just some recommendations. You will not be able to find the perfect time to call without trial and error.

The Best Days to Make Cold Calls

Now that we have established a recommended time, the next step involves deciding what day to call. The recommended approach is to make cold calls in the middle of the week. People are more likely to have time to spare to engage.

This approach is supported by different studies which report Wednesday as the best day to make cold calls. This day is followed by high engagement on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as studied by Yesware. The worst day to call is right after and before the weekend on Monday and Friday.

Tips to Get the Best Response

Once you have decided the day and time, the next step involves creating a fast response time to form submissions. Quick lead time can drastically change your success rate with cold calls. Here are some tips you can follow

  • Create dedicated teams to answer a prospect’s questions
  • Create a live chat option on your website
  • Utilize automated emails that can send personalized messages.
  • Do not forget to follow up to close a deal successfully

Final Thoughts

Picking the right day and time to cold call a potential customer can be the difference between successfully converting a lead and having the call go to voicemail. Before you call, consider the day and time when your prospective clients would be the least busy. Once you have narrowed down the best day and hour to make cold calls, your next steps should include improving your response time.

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