What is a sales objection; it’s type and solution

Have you ever heard the term “Sales objection” before? All the insurance agents must know the details about the sale objection.

Sales objection indicates the specific reasons that prevent buyers from purchasing a product. It is a communication with the agent to say “No” sometimes. But it is always a mistake to interpret a sales objection as rejection.

Instead, an agent merely needs to deal with it positively. Sales objection refers to the broad vision and perspective of the prospect as they are interested in knowing more than building the relationship.

Types of sales objections:

An agent is a point of contact between the sale and the carrier. So, they needs to know the basics of sales objections to answer them quickly and push the other party towards closing. There are, unfortunately, four types of basic logic to which all the sales objections are related:


Your product must bring value to the client’s life. It’s the key to overcoming any objection, but If the prospect doesn’t see any value in your product, then you’re the one at fault. No one focuses on the procedure; everyone looks for the results. You need to understand the values and requirements of the other party and how your service and product will address their specific needs, and how it will benefit them.


Money is not only the subject discussed; you need to demonstrate the impact of your solution. You need to focus on two types of effects to help the prospect see the value: Rational impact and emotional impact. You need to discover and demonstrate the numbers representing the solution’s impact, and the prospect must see a tangible dollar value. It is also vital to analyze the goals, and potential rewards prospects want to achieve. Always focus on the question that if you will not purchase this service, what consequences might you face and what would happen to your recommendation when they buy it.


Trust building migrates the fears and brings you close to the sale because prospects believe you do what you claim. You can gain the trust of any prospect by acquiring adequate knowledge, having a positive attitude and tone.


A most common objection can be overcome by listening fully and uncovering the real money issue because it more often masks non-money problems that lie under the surface. Ask, “If money were no object, what would be your ideal solution?”. It’ll be easier to work out budget issues by achieving a shared vision.

How to deal with a sales objection smartly?

A sales objection is NOT an explicit rejection. You are only needed to tackle it wisely by perceiving it positively. Agents should explore specific ways to address it and learn more about their prospect.

The following rules can help you overcome any sale objection:

  • Understand the sales objection and its causes properly. Take enough time and think about it.
  • Go through the issue completely and deal with it by providing a satisfactory answer.
  • Present a compelling argument to persuade the buyers.


There is no need to worry about the sales objection; it only requires a strong plan and positive attitude to overcome the situation and win the prospect’s trust. The tips provided in the article can help anyone increase sales.

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