How To Use Marketing to Target Sales Prospects

Trying to sell without marketing is impossible, so make sure to understand your prospects and target them accordingly.


Promise Value and Deliver It


One of the main ways that you can attract and retain your customers’ attention is by understanding your value and what the prospect may need at this time. You have to capture the essence of their emotions and get to understand things from their point of view.


First and foremost, make a note of what you are selling; is it a product, service or experience? What would be the reason behind anyone buying it? What problems does it solve? Why does anyone want or need it?


Constantly asking yourself these questions will let you understand the value associated with your product.


Once you are done with this, start creating a tagline or message that you wish to get across to your customers. The message must deliver the value you are offering, or else it will not attract your target audience.


The marketing messages should be concise, catchy and to the point.


Convey your message and shortly, then get done with it.


Use the KISS method for this (Keep it Simple, Stupid).


The next stage is to spread the word


You want your message to reach your prospects wherever they are.


Once you know how much something is worth, you can figure out to whom it is most valuable. Now that you know who your clients are, try to figure out where they are.


I am frequently asked to place advertisements in numerous publications and programmes.


Who is reading it is always my first question. Who is it going to be?


If the solution isn’t for small business owners and executives, I’ll pass.


You are not required to be present at all times.


Don’t get caught up in the notion that you need to be everywhere—you don’t. You must be in the proper locations.


With social media, you have a fantastic marketing opportunity.


Consider where your prospects communicate and hang out online; what are they reading, commenting on, and sharing?


Then go there with your message regularly.


You can’t be selling seven times a day.


According to conventional opinion, you must present yourself to your prospects at least seven times to make an impression.


However, you cannot be SELLING 7 times at the same moment.


So, think outside the box when it comes to how you present yourself.


You want them to become accustomed to you, regard you as an expert in your field, and desire to work with you. If you aren’t marketing your product, you won’t be able to sell it.

As I have stated, you must be consistent. You can’t just do one thing and hope it works.


The goal of marketing is to gain visibility and credibility. When someone is ready to buy, you want to be at the top of their mind. There’s no denying that it’s a labour of love. It doesn’t have to be difficult!


Follow the steps indicated here and add to them as needed. Make an effort to go out there.


Remember, if you aren’t marketing, you won’t be able to sell.


You can, but it’ll be a lot more difficult! It’s also less fruitful.


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