Five Tips to Create a Successful Pitch of you New Ideas

Connecting with your prospect can be difficult when your schedule is packed and you lack time to spend on your buying decisions. Most of the salespeople will agree that they don’t follow up with their potential clients. While the number of people who are interested in our products and services is high, the number of people who actually come back and make a buying decision in our favor is surprisingly low. As a rule of thumb, salespeople who tend to follow up with their clients generate greater sales than those who have one encounter with their clients and let it be.

Effectively following up sales is a challenging task and is considered an art in the sales division. According to our researches, most people express interest in our products and services but then disappear and are not heard from again. Usually, salespeople leave a few messages and voicemails but don’t pursue these potential clients after getting no response. They feel like constantly trying to get a hold of these people will only bug them. However, a good salesperson knows that letting these clients be is not an option. Instead, periodically reminding them of your products and services that interested them is the key to a successful sales.

Here are some strategies to boost your follow-up process and work towards reconnecting with your project.

1)   Know Who To Target

Wasting your time with contacting people who are not responsible for making the ultimate buying decision will only set you back. Instead, finding the right person who is handling the purchase or finances is the way to go. Have discussions with them, negotiate, and make them realize that this purchase is the right call.

2)   Setting an Appointment

One of the best strategies you can employ as a salesperson is setting up a time and date with the person incharge of the purchase. This is effective because most of the potential clients are too busy to talk or pay attention if they are not previously notified. So, set up a time and call them up accordingly. If they don’t pick up, cut the call and call again in a few minutes. If they still don’t pick up, leave a voicemail and hopefully they will call you back or be there when you reach out again.

3)   Creating a “Keep in Touch” Campaign

Having a plan when you call your potential clients is vital to your sustained importance on their calendar. Present them with various approaches and methods that will keep them curious and interested and not pushed down to a bottom of prospects that they are too busy to look at.

4)   Use Multiple Approaches

Using a single approach won’t get you anywhere, which is why it is important to shoot your shot with multiple methods such as direct messages, social media, calls, voicemails, and couriers.

5)   Become an Asset

Be one step ahead of your client and try to remove hurdles in their path by solving challenges. Make sure you convey a message of value and meaning

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