Five Tips For Getting Referrals

Referrals form a key aspect of sales business models and need to be recognised for ensuring successful operations. Well, how many of your clients are aware of the fact that you require referrals?


The Value of Excellent Service


I bought a new phone last week, and I had no intention of buying a new phone.


I bought a new phone the previous week even though I had no plan of doing so. I only wanted the phone company to fix my phone so that it could ring every time someone called me. Currently, it was only ringing on the third or fourth try.


Paul, the salesperson assisting me, was patient with me when I called and listened very carefully to my complaint. He was an excellent customer service representative, and I was impressed by his calm demeanour.


Once Paul was finished listening to me, he offered me two viable options: replacing my current phone with another model or updating it to a newer one.


I instantly disregarded the upgrading option as I had to leave the mall. My head was pounding, and I just wanted to reach home at that point.


Another point to be noted, I was fond of the model that I was currently using, except for the ringing problem that was taking place.


Paul exhibited great patience and asked me about my usage of the phone and what features I liked or not.


My answers were pretty limited; however, Paul convinced me to purchase a new phone.


The most beautiful part of this narrative is not that I purchased a new phone but what came after that.


Referrals are of Great Value in Sales


Bill took exceptional care of me throughout the entire process, updating me on the data transfer, and preparing my rebate, so all it needed from me was a stamp and setting up my email.


Paul was very considerate and caring of my phone needs throughout the entire process. He informed me about preparing my rebate and transferring all my data.


When we were done, and I gave him my thanks, Paul did something which no one had done before. He requested a referral and gave me his business cards.


Here are some tips to make sure that you get a good referral.


Be Clear


Make sure that you are clear to the client about the type of referral you want from them. Requesting a client to recommend your services to others as an agent/broker is not the same as recommending services to someone who might be starting a family or about to get married.


Do Your Research


Conduct your research about the types of groups and social gatherings your client is a part of. It will help you understand them better and build a better relationship with them.


Promote Your Work


When your clients are up to date on your activities, they will have you in the back of their minds when giving any referrals. If your clients witness you being diligent and successful, they have more confidence in your skills. The best way to do this is by creating a social media network/platform for this purpose.


Prioritise Quality


Do not compromise on the quality of your work, and make sure to put your hundred percent into everything you do. High quality work always speaks for itself.


Appreciate Your Client


Make sure to express gratitude every time your client gives you a referral to make them feel appreciated. Do not let them know or feel that you are disappointed with a deal not going through, and always thank them no matter the outcome.


These tips will assist you in getting valuable referrals that are bound to boost your business and heighten your reputation as a successful salesperson.

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