Medicare Agents

You may ask yourself, why sell Medicare? Why Apex Insurance Group? The simple answer is, why not?

Our leadership at Apex Insurance Group is so excited about the Medicare Market potential that we all contracted, tested, and cannot wait to sell in this market. And you can believe that if we are doing it, we are going to do it with the best people, support, and system available.

So, take the next step in building your book of business. Our Training Academy is here to get you certified and contracted as quickly as possible. Our continued support and training will keep you moving forward.





Knowing the basic information about Original Medicare – Part A and Part B will provide you the knowledge you will need when you’re in front of your clients. We will educate you on the basics, including the ever so important enrollment periods in this Brokerage led webinar.

Understanding Medicare Advantage and PDP plans can be confusing for you and your clients. In this webinar we’ll discuss enrollment periods, types of plans available, marketing guidelines, and much more.

Learn how to bring ancillary plans up with your current Medicare Clients, as well as how to package them together with Medicare plans for new clients. Also included is how to overcome objections, discussing phone scripts and some carrier highlights.

NOTE: Once registered you will receive our guide “How to Sell Medicare Supplements”, at no cost.