Whether you’re an independent agent who sell to friends and family, or you are working in a specific market, we all need the same things. A system for selling, products and knowledge about them, a way to get in front of them and of course office support would be nice. Take a look at some of the services and system we offer. This might just be what you are looking for.

The Apex VOS “Virtual Office Suite is an agent, user friendly sales platform consisting of 3 major components.

Regardless of your insurance experience, new agent or seasoned professional, these tools will assist you in creating your office workspace.

The most important function in developing this platform was ensuring the agents flexibility and control of your back-office dashboard.

With constant changes in software and add on applications, why would you settle for something that isn’t adaptable?

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Training Videos – From market specific to product training our system gives you the tools to stay current and expand your book of business

CRM – Two different systems of CRM, for free. Choose the one that fits your business model.

Web Presence – We all need a web presence, choose a webpage or website and we can help you built it. And then let’s put it to work for you.

Quote Engines – All at your finger tips for Term, UL, Disability, Critical Illness and annuities.

Lightning Issue – Go paperless and get your client approved while you are sitting in front of them.

Current Happenings – Our news feeds keeping you current with financial trends and new products. Creating those talking points for you to discuss with your clients.

Policy Services – From E-App to paper our IMO stays on top of your applications from submission to commission. You can even request that they set up your para-med exams. You are kept in the loop through the whole process.

It’s all about relationships:

Relationship Marketing is a concept that has been around for ages. More customers move on because they feel unappreciated. Keeping existing clients and creating long term relationships is the key to referrals. The best way to acquire new clients is to be in front of your old ones.

Card Campaign system – This allows you to set up clients to automatedly receive birthday and anniversary cards through out the year. Create your own campaigns to reach out and touch people you just met or regenerate old leads. Custom made cards to get your brand out to those who buy.

Free College Scholarship Program – Give prospects an incentive to attend your seminars — or face-to-face meetings

Lead Program – We have our own mailing system for federal and postal employees as well as other lead programs offered through some of our IMO’s to help get you in front of prospects in every market

Sales Seminars and Workshops – Turnkey system’s in all markets from Federal to Annuity workshops.

Email campaigns and drip marketing – If you can think of it we can make it work. Try our video emails.

Marketing Reward Program – We have promotions for production. Get marketing dollars deposit into your marketing business account and use it for any approved program.

Agent Trips and Incentives – Stay current on what is being offered by all carriers, all in one place

On Line licensing and Appointments – Set it up one time and you are good for almost any company

Recorded Webinars and Training Videos – Market and product training

Videos on demand – Coming Soon

Agent Forum – a place for like-minded agents to discuss trends, issues and new products. An area for open reviews of webinars on training and products. This is strictly agent driven with Apex support and monitoring. Request topics of interest and we will pass it along to other agents were a time and place will be set up for all with interest to attend.

Webinar Market Placement Recap – Many of the relationships that Apex has are with like-minded companies that are constantly training and presenting new products and companies. I walk away from these seminars pumped and ready to sell the world. And two days later its forgotten because I’m onto the next webinar.

Our webinar recap section will utilize training webinars for these vendors (if allowed) which will have a shortened version as well as a link to the complete recording.

In addition, we will have a market recap going over ideas on how these products and technics fit into specific markets.

This will be followed up by a webinar where we can exchange ideas on how to implement these tools into our sales kits.

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