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Annuity Selling Points

Did you know that one in three Americans have not saved anything for retirement?1 Additionally, 76% of baby boomers feel that they have not saved enough for retirement.2 While this is troubling news, it does mean that there is opportunity to offer products to help individuals better prepare for retirement savings. An annuity is one such product that can be a great way to help you tap into this market.

Annuities offer a guaranteed source of income, which can help to quell some fears of outliving one’s savings.

Funds placed into an annuity are tax-deferred. Additionally, unlike an IRA or 401(k), withdrawals are tax-free (after the account value falls below the amount contributed).

This is another advantage over traditional IRAs and 401(k)s. Account holders can contribute as much as they’d like on a tax-deferred basis.

Some states exempt annuity accounts from creditors, and all states exempt annuities from probate proceedings.

Some annuity products are exempt from FAFSA asset status. This can allow for greater opportunity when it comes to student loans and scholarships.

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