• Wednesday, May 5th, 2pm cst - Apex Insurance Group chats with Christy Magorian, Regional Wholesaler, with Assurity. They have over 125 years of protecting individuals, families and small businesses, plus the financial strength to back it up. Assurity offers Whole Life, Single Premium Life, Acci-Flex Accidental Death Benefit Insurance, Term Life Insurance with Accelerated Underwriting, and Universal Life Insurance.
  • Wednesday, April 28th, 2pm cst - Apex Insurance Group has invited Michael Schneider, Account Manager, with SocialPhin. SocialPhin offers the agent an opportunity to have Consistent Posting, Branded Images, Follow Trends and more with their service.
  • Wednesday, April 21th, 2pm cst - Apex Insurance Group offers over 85 carriers and pushing nearly 260 different products. This informative webinar will provide an overview of the various carriers and products. Further, this webinar will explore also, the types of products. You will be amazed at the entire suite of saleable products from Apex Insurance Group.
  • Wednesday, April 14th, 2pm cst - Apex Insurance Group will look at the opportunities while offering Medicare products. The sale of supplemental products can increase an agent’s income greatly. Overlooking this opportunity is like leaving money on the table.
  • Wednesday, May 12th, 2pm cst - Apex Insurance Group presents partner, Ron Rothermel, speaking about the dynamics of the sales processes in the 21st century. Like a board game agent who adapt are able to move forward. Are you the agent who adapts and will win the game? Ron is a great trainer and views the sales process as simple as means the needs of the prospect, yes, it is just that simply.
  • Wednesday, May 19th, 2pm cst - The vending machine is the ultimate income generator. Imagine, set it up, stock it, and generate income. Add to this a useful Backoffice organizer, and an immediate professional Internet presence.

    Apex Insurance Group is very excited to offer an updated version of our 21st Century sales platform. It’s called Business in a Box and is available NOW. So many things to promote, website, email, products, platform, and more.
  • Wednesday, May 25th, 2pm cst - Times are a changing, are you? Apex Insurance Group’s Brian Bell will offer instructions and insight on offering Medicare programs in today’s digital environment. From the easy-to-use, Medicare Insurance Direct portal to the new text-based enrollment opportunities nothing could be simpler.

    Over 10,000 people become eligible for Medicare daily. Are you taking advantage of this market and it cross-selling opportunities?
  • Although NOT a webinar, Apex Insurance Group offers The Basic Agent channel on YouTube to help agents navigate the often confusing insurance business. Click and 'Subscribe', you will be glad you did.


The Apex Insurance Group weekly webinars are now uploaded to our YouTube channel. Just click the ‘button’ and select the video.