Everyday issues are uncovered which may require a special process. Here's an example "How does a new to Medicare beneficiary with high income lower their IRMAA payments when retiring?" Apex Insurance Group offers a process.  
Obesity in America is a major problem. However; with enrollment it is not a problem. We know of major national carriers which do not utilize height or weight guideline for a preferred Medicare Supplement plan.
Apex Insurance Group will identify which states allow voluntary disenrollment from group plans to enroll in Medicare. We will help you develop marketing plans for business owners within these states.
Apex Insurance Group will introduce you to dozens of industries that will send you referrals. Also, after training Apex Insurance Group will, if desired, a script on exactly what to say to get your phone ringing.
Apex Insurance Group has completed numerous contracting requirements and will actively guide you through the required steps. Each carrier has a different process for contracting and we can assist.

With over 85 carriers and 250 life products to choose from we have one of the most complete Insurance portfolios in the industry. Our annuity lineup consists of fixed indexed annuities, MYGAs, and SPIAs and any new products that make their way into the market. On the life side we have every variation of Term and Permanent, to include 10 -15-20-30 and even some new 35 and 40 year Term products. Carriers with ROP on both Term and Permanent. And a great assortment of Disability and Long-Term Care companies.

You can give us a call at (918) 245-1400, send us a request to reach out to you at recruiting@apex-ig.com or schedule a time that is convenient for you for us to give you a call. We make it simple!

We could continue to think up questions and answers to pique your interest, or we can give you the $100.00 tour. We have a saying here at Apex Insurance Group, “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” give us a call and let's see if we can help you grow.