The Fastest Way to Get Something is to Give Something

This is so true.  You cannot truly get anything you desire in your life unless you also give something to someone else. I know, that sounds crazy. How does someone give someone else something they may not even have?

If you open up your mind to the chances and ask yourself this question, you let opportunities come your way.  After that, you look for a way to make it possible to provide others the things you desire, even prior to you getting it for yourself.

It nearly may seem like some kind of pyramid scheme, and perhaps it sort of is. The pyramid scheme is a humorous allusion because most of us know they never work out for the people on the bottom of the ladder. Still the fundamental rule is: you must give to someone else before you can get anything, plus you have to have some faith you to will get something in return. A comparable example these days is shown in the movie ‘Pay It Forward’.  If you give things to someone else, then good stuff comes your way too. It is called the law of attraction, something Oprah Winfrey touted on her show.

This law of attraction is a law of nature, similar to gravity.  But gravity can’t be “seen” and you can’t exactly “see” the law of attraction either. So a lot of us are in a daze and don’t know what we are doing or what we should do. It is a confusing concept.

But there are lots of confusing concepts in past history! And then something would come along to prove it and dispel old beliefs people believed in, i.e. the Earth is flat or the other planets circle the Earth and not the sun.

So in a similar fashion, we can change the way we think too. These days it seems almost everyone is unhappy with their life. That means a better life is waiting to be seen via us and yet it is somehow blocked. We actually are sabotaging ourselves due to our unconscious though patterns.

However, thankfully there’s a few easy methods you can employ to get your unconscious mind reprogramed and turn your life into something that runs like you desire. You can get rid of the problems and unstructured thinking and it all starts inside your mind. You need to get rid of the unconscious and unseen things going on in your life and mind.

The procedure in this post is an example of a large list that can be used every day to make your life improve for the good. We are going to teach you the way to get the law of attraction to work for you and help you get the things you desire.

With the law of attraction you attract the same kind of things you are thinking about and doing. Your mind is what controls it and makes things become real via the law of attraction.

So, if you are thinking bad thoughts, i.e. worry, anger, stress, sadness, envy or other types of negative emotions, that is what is going to come to your life and get attracted to you.

One way to changing this for the better is to start giving other people things prior to you getting something for yourself. Then, you change your focus so th vibe you are sending out gets more positive. Then you get more open to receiving the good things your mind was blocking previously.

It’s easy to give things to others. Just give whatever you have because we all have things we can give to others. It doesn’t have to be money, it could just be love or gratitude or help when they are down. Everyone has value to bring to the rest of the world. An enduring viewpoint with the law of attraction is you should always propose an increase of some kind in value, which means you give to others something more valuable than just money. Then you’ll keep giving others more and more, and that helps you to attract bigger and better things into your own life.

Take a few minutes to look inside yourself and see if you can discover something you can provide to a person in need. It doesn’t have to be something huge, maybe even just a hug or a smile will make someone’s day. Then your own vibe will get better and you will attract things that are more positive to your own life. If you give things selflessly to others, you are sure to get something back many times over in your own life! Just try it and watch the blessings roll your way.

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