Eleven Ways Proven to Rapidly Boost Your Sales

Utilize these 11 recommendations as a guide to your future success. If you follow the easy 11 ideas, you’ll be able to get more clients and rapidly boost your sales.

  1. Advertise Smartly

Nothing ventured nothing gained, right?  Smart sellers know it makes good sense to try out new ways to advertise their products. However, they don’t go too far. Do your advertising operations work, yet you aren’t getting a fantastic response rate? Why not try an experiment. Take about twenty percent of the money you allot to advertising, but leave the rest to keep doing what it has been so you have a steady supply of clients.

  1. Cut and Increase

Big is not always the best and at times the amount you have is going to be more successful.  Try using a smaller ad, but run more of them. Remarkably, smaller ads many times create more interest than big ads. So, keep your ad short and to the point, and see what happens.

  1. Make your Ads more Lively

Examine your existing ads. Do they have  lot of action? Are they colorful or stimulating? Are the words lively? If not, replace the boring stuff with better, more active words and phrases. Try things like “It’s so simple, you can do it in 1, 2, 3” or “Hurry up! You don’t want to be left out” or “Save now!” or “Act now!”  You have to keep it all lively and action filled, if you want great results to your ads.

  1. Give Your Customers A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

People purchase things at times just for how they feel afterward. Think about the way you feel after buying a brand-new vehicle? I bet you are proud and excited, and what about that new car smell?   Remember that and think up some ideas that are going  to stimulate your customers. You may be shocked at what will happen if you give your customers a little encouragement and they’ll get that warm fuzzy from you and become a loyal client for life.

  1. Mail out some postcards to your customers

It doesn’t take more than a few second for someone to read a postcard. The majority of folks are pretty busy, but even so most will turn over a postcard and read the short note on it. So if you mail out postcards containing simple ads they can read in a few seconds, your target audience is more likely to respond to it and become a buyer.

  1. Pay Clients to Advertise

Word of mouth is a very efficient method of advertising. Yes, it’s always been like that! Your clients can give a better testimony as to how well your product works than anyone else, so it’s a good plan to allow them to do so. You can come up with some sort of program to reward clients who are willing to put in a referral for your product and then stand by for lots more sales.

  1. Tell Your Customers Thank You

It doesn’t take long to mail out a thank you card for your clients. However, doing so is likely to make your clients very loyal and they will always remember your thoughtfulness. Everyone likes to be remembered, and that goes for your clients too!

  1. Sell to Existing Clients

The notion sales increases always come from new clients is not true all the time. You can actually increase your sales via your existing clients. What about offering up some sort of product which complements what they’ve already bought? Or try a follow up to their purchase? It is actually much simpler to get your existing clients to buy from you again than convince new ones to buy, therefore, be sure you don’t neglect your existing customers!

  1. Combine Things for a Special Sale

Most people believe if you buy in bulk, it always saves them money. So as sellers we should take advantage of that belief and combine several related items together and offer it up as a special deal. You would be surprised at how many people will feel like they just have to pull out their wallet and buy before you end the sale timeframe.

  1. People love good surprises

Most of us love good surprises. Particularly if we buy something when our conscience told us we didn’t really need it. But you can erase that guilty feeling by surprising your clients with something at the counter, i.e. a discount perhaps? Or a free gift with purchase? Then they will leave happy and feel like they are very lucky instead of feeling guilty for buying something.

  1. Add up the Failures

Many times when sales are added up, we only concentrate on what was gained and don’t think about the failures that happened because someone decided not to buy the product. In truth, most businesses are affected more by failures instead of savings. So, let clients know what they will lose if they don’t take advantage of what you’re offering them.

Are you using any of the above ideas? Why not try some of these and see what happens. You never know how successful you will be unless you try! It can pay off well if you study what you’ve been doing and then go up a level. So, try out the above ideas and I bet your sales will increase dramatically.

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