Stop doing stupid things In Your Operation

Today’s world is ever changing. A lot of things go on every day! Crap is going to happen. We have global competition these days, and that means a lot of companies in the US are likely to be in trouble.

A lot of determinations get made which are conflicting with great business sense as well as growing your client’s loyalty to your firm.

The majority of establishments’ advertising is typically a task in deciding what should be done in order to get existing or prospective clients to pay out more money and shop with them.

I am advocating that rather than thinking on what should be done, you should determine what you need to not do anymore! What I mean is you must quite do stupid things.

Quitting doing the stupid things you’ve been doing requires determining what is stopping your clients from buying from you, as well as ensuring whatever that is doesn’t happen anymore.

Here is a case of one of the things I mean when I say, “stupid thing.” A few airline companies are now going to charge you if you want to talk to a real person. That kind of thing is stupid for two reasons.

Firstly, this means they are penalizing their customers who merely want to keep being provided something they have gotten prior to this moment, which is one to one service. Sadder, they are doing via deciding to charge the customer more money for services that were free in the past. So, how many people are going to stop being their client? Well, at least one, because I won’t be using them anymore!

Then there’s other things that may be a bit more subtle, however it’s just as bad, and it is something stupid the company should quit doing.

Ok, let’s give you an example. General Mills makes Wheaties cereal. And they decided to put pictures of US athletes on the box who won gold medals in the Olympics. However, they left out Paul Hamm. But why did they do that?

Here is what GM said when I asked:

“Picking a Wheaties Champion is not a job that’s simple, particularly when we’ve seen many athletes who have accomplished a lot of great things and been outstanding champions in the field. However, it is just not possible for us to honor all of them by placing their photo on a box of Wheaties cereal.

Consequently, they left off the 1st man that won in the all-around gymnastics’ championship in the Olympics, who was additionally, someone who made a fantastic comeback in the sport! He returned to gymnastics after he suffered a horrendous fall and ended up conducting an almost flawless performance on the high bar and ended up winning almost universal acclaim. To me, that literally defines what a champion truly is!

However, some controversy was involved. As some people may already know, one of the gymnasts from South Korean asserted that there was an error in how it was scored, which made it, so he didn’t get the gold medal. Then he put in an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for the sport. However, that court rules for Hamm and he got to keep his gold medal.

Just because there was a dispute regarding the winning of the gold medal, it was not Hamm’s fault! Even so, GM opted to do what they considered as “safe” and not use him. However, that means they are distancing themselves from millions of clients who see Hamm as a hero and don’t see the controversy, so GM is losing Wheaties buyers! And that is a totally stupid thing!

Thus, you should quit saying No to your customers and begin to say Yes! Don’t charge for things the majority of your customers have always gotten for free. Discover what is irritating, confusing, discouraging or frustrating your clients and don’t do it anymore!!!

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