Is Honesty Now Something From the Past?

Is honesty now something from the past? A lot of folks have asked this while searching the Internet for something they needed. Today’s low US economy has taken a toll on a lot of folks and they are continuously searching for other ways to solve a problem they may have, which includes looking online.

In a frenzied search to locate the best solution, these folks put out hard earned cash to buy a get rich scheme, but discover they were actually cheated in the end. Then, with their hopes and dreams squashed and their money all gone, a lot of them want to retaliate.

A few might just forget it and consider it a learning experience and then they’ll never trust anyone again, likely forever. A few more stop buying things at all. And then others tell all their friends how they were cheated and who did it to them, which causes the complaint to go viral and advertisers all get a bad rap.

However we examine the facts of the matter, we always end up with the same results. We have to alter how we’ve been doing something and get more morally motivated as we operate our companies.

Honesty has a lot to do with any kind of seller, because they have to have it if they want to stay in business! Also, it assists in getting people the things they require.

I recall when folks greatly trusted local merchants. Do you recall when that was true? These sellers were fair to the consumer and normally even provided more than what they expected. They were aware of the secret of having success long term.

We also have the same ability to obtain long term success, as well as assist in changing what is happening online in the marketing arena. If we claim that ability and make several changes, that will assist in stimulating more growth in the economy, which we need to get through these hard times.

You might think to yourself, hey, I do honest work! And that could be true. But there’s still a lot of sellers who aren’t so honest, so how can we pass down all the moral methods to future retailers?   Such as, for example, our affiliates…Do we teach them to be honest and what that means? What about a new seller who wants some insight and tries to get it from those of us who have been around for a long time?

I am aware of a few people who’ve made money for a while who are likely to proclaim, “We have attempted to teach the newbies about moral standards in selling and they don’t listen.”  Perhaps so.  We can’t force anyone to do what’s right.

Though, we can still be a good example to them. We  can put the responsibility onto their shoulders. They can learn from their own errors. If they lose customers in the future as well as lose their financing, they’ll eventually come back to us to get some advice.

After that and likely only after that, is online selling going to be influential when it comes to growing the economy so it is able to remain strong through any upcoming hard times we all face. If this post upsets or offends you, perhaps it is time you looked at the overall advertising picture.

You create trust based on a solid foundation of being honest, particularly when it comes to your clients. It goes both ways. A client should get what they pay for, they have high hopes and they want to still have money left to buy other stuff when it’s over.

In contrast, the seller will get a return client who tells everyone about them and they’re make more profits long term, as well as build a long lasting and good relationship and help make their own reputation be great. And as a bonus, they’re helping people too.

Therefore, I suppose the question we need to ask is, Do we keep up the dog eat dog type of attitude and end up with nothing? Or should we claim the ability from past performance and assist in changing how people think, so therefore in the end we make more money and everyone is now a happy camper?

It’s your choice! I sure know the way I plan to go! What about you?

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