Born To Be Wild

Born to Be Wild


In the 1960s, when many who are now entering retirement age were youths, a movie called Easy Rider made quite a stir. It was the story of two young men riding motorcycles across country to discover America and enjoy the freedom of unrestrained travel.


The song that got most associated with that movie was called “Born to be Wild”. This is an image of unrestrained freedom that seems to stay in our spirits even as we move through life and into our retirement years. Small wonder why the retirement dream of selling the house, moving into an RV and hitting the road to discover America, maybe not as young hippies but with that same spirit of adventure and fun.


This is an “alternative lifestyle” that many people enjoy in their senior years. And to be fair, RV technology is so advanced that you really can enjoy virtually all of the luxuries of home but be able to rove the countryside bedding down anywhere you can find an RV hookup and some water.


But even though this exciting prospect for retirement years scratches that itch for the “born to be wild” attitude, people are not so wild that they are not going to do some careful planning so they can pull off this big change of lifestyle comfortably and safely. And because it is a big change for people, careful planning is in order.


Probably the biggest investment of this retirement dream is that RV itself. Fully loaded, these magnificent living centers on wheels can often cost as much as a house itself. Now one way to really get the preparations underway would be to buy the RV well in advance of retirement. they can make payments on it and plan to pay it off when they sell the house and use the proceeds to make that traveling home their own.


By buying in advance, they can take some trial run trips for a few weeks at a time and begin to get used to the lifestyle on the road. These are important trial runs because there are going to be a lot of new issues that go with staying gone virtually forever that they will need to cover so they are not being irresponsible in their wild wanderings across the landscape.


Any kids may worry about this big adventure. But if they listen closely, buried in those worried lectures they are giving a sense of envy and admiration that mom and dad had the courage to get out there and live their dream with their retirement years. And they can help them feel less anxious by keeping communications active on any trip. With modern cell phone technology, not only can they always stay in touch, they can text them, email them and even send them pictures from their travels while traveling vicariously.


They will need to decide for mail and banking from the road. Their retirement program and Social Security can auto-deposit in their bank back home but you will be using those funds all over the country so it will take some smart planning to stay fiscally responsible while living the free and easy lifestyle of a road warier.


One approach to organizing finances is to do all the financial activities through the internet. They can keep wireless communications going in the RV and be able to log into bank accounts to make sure everything is as it should be. They can pay for most things by credit card and pay the credit card off via automated bill pay from a bank account. And by making arrangements that all the bills be sent to a drop box via email, they can do a budget and pay bills all at the comfort of a laptop computer screen.


By living smart and using the best of modern technology, they can hit the road and enjoy the wide-open spaces and the freedom that will make them the “easy riders” of their time. And by living out their dream, they are doing what millions of people say they will do with their retirement years but never do. They are living life to its fullest and letting retirement be the best time of their life.


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